The WordPress for Writers Series

If you've been thinking about creating your own WordPress website to promote your work as an author, maybe you've run into paralysis by analysis with all of the different choices available to you. How do you know what theme to choose, what host to choose? and if you've gotten that far, then what?

Maybe that has you feeling stuck. Or maybe you are stuck because of how much work it seems like it is going to take and where do you even start?

Because everyone says it's easy, I mean, WordPress even has a famous 5 minute install.

What they don't tell you is “it's easy” assumes you know how to build a website, choose a theme, choose plugins and then figure out how to set them up. This book is the missing piece.

Setting up WordPress is so simple once you know the reasons behind the steps, people don't believe me how easy it can be when I teach them. You worry you'll have to hire someone to do everything for you, but when you learn the basics you are able handle things on your own website.

Sure there are lots of free tutorials and videos out there but they aren't specific to your site, and they can leave you clicking around trying to figure things out, or off chasing down some rabbit hole of technical stuff. No one wants to be stuck there.

But you don't have to be stuck, this book has everything distilled down to the step by step nitty gritty with all of the choices made for you, if you can follow along with the steps, you can build your own author's website. Are you ready? You've got this!