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CSS and Faster WordPress

While working on speeding up your WordPress site, CSS will be one of the areas you'll see reported as a problem. Most WordPress themes have at least some duplicate or repetitive or otherwise unused styles. This isn't necessarily bad, but can be a worry when you're reviewing your test scores. One … [Read More...]


A Quick Guide to Choosing Plugins

There are nearly as many plugins as there are websites. Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, however, there are a lot of plugins available for WordPress. You’ll find that plugins are similar to themes, there are free plugins and premium/paid plugins. Plugin choice starts with the … [Read More...]


A List of Favorite Plugins

Here is a list of must have plugins. Every site will have different needs for functionality, this list will get you started. Yes, there may be free plugins that do some of the same things, these are the ones I use on my own sites and client’s sites - they are dependable and the time they save far … [Read More...]


Setting Up WordPress 5 Things to do Right Away

Installing WordPress is step one, and we’re not going to cover that here. Your hosting control panel usually offers a way of installing WordPress with one click. You can also go the manual route and there’s a tutorial here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress Once you’ve installed … [Read More...]


Backing Up Your WordPress Site

Disaster! Something’s gone wrong with your site. Maybe you’ve been hacked. Maybe your site is serving up errors or something happened to corrupt the database. Maybe an update didn’t complete successfully. The bottom line: your site is broken. Did you know backups are one of the most overlooked … [Read More...]


Your Website Isn’t Created in a Vaccuum

This is something I’ve come across a time or two (or three) in my time in this business. And every time I encounter it – it makes me want to scream. I filed this under Marketing & SEO because, guess what? You can’t Market or SEO without content – it’s all related… Before I tell you the topic … [Read More...]


Tools to Test Your Page Speed (Site Speed) Online

Here are several online services that will help you test your site speed. Want to know how fast your page loads, they'll tell you that and a lot more. These services all offer a free version, some offer paid options for monitoring and ongoing reporting. Pingdom Pingdom has a really clean, easy to … [Read More...]


The Importance of Page Load Times / Site Speed

Site speed (also called page load speed) is a measure of how quickly your site’s page or a URL on your site loads in a visitors browser.  Each URL generates a number of requests to your web server, asking for the files, media and information that make up that particular page. There’s a lot that goes … [Read More...]