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The Darkside of Plugins


One of the wonderful things about WordPress are the plugins. Plugins are small packages of code that add to or change the functionality provided by the core of WordPress. Plugins can help you do all sorts of things, like adding contact forms, doing e-commerce, bettering your SEO, adding a newsletter opt-in, adding a slideshow, adding […]

A Quick Guide to Choosing Plugins


There are nearly as many plugins as there are websites. Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, however, there are a lot of plugins available for WordPress. You’ll find that plugins are similar to themes, there are free plugins and premium/paid plugins. Plugin choice starts with the functionality – what does it do, […]

A List of Favorite Plugins


Here is a list of must have plugins. Every site will have different needs for functionality, this list will get you started. Yes, there may be free plugins that do some of the same things, these are the ones I use on my own sites and client’s sites – they are dependable and the time […]

Premise Landing Pages and Shortcodes in Video Embed Field


If you’re using the Premise Landing Pages plugin, and are doing video landing pages you may have run into this problem. Out of the box, shortcodes from other plugins can’t be used in the Premise video embed field. Here’s what the field looks like: You add the shortcode, but they won’t execute, so all you […]

Thesis Theme for WordPress

thesis diythemes

Why Thesis? I’ve been using Thesis on my own site’s and on client sites for quite some time. So what do I like about it? I like Thesis by DIYThemes for some of the same reasons I choose to work with WordPress. It’s flexible, yet solid framework. Thesis works with WordPress without messing with the […]

Using NextGen Gallery to Organize Images


NextGen Gallery is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to display images in Albums and Galleries. Albums contain groups of Galleries. Galleries contain groups of images. For example: if you wanted to display your images of fishing trips to Alaska over the last several years, you’d have an Album for Alaska, and Galleries for […]

Making a CSS Drop Down Menu in Semiologic Pro

A question came up about getting a css multi level dropdown type menu on a WordPress site using the Semiologic Pro theme. If you use Semiologic Pro, you know that it has a nav bar you can use in the header, but it’s a single level menu, no drop downs, just simple links. Nice, but […]

Customize Your Community (CYC) WordPress Plugin

Rae Hoffman conceived the plugin which was created by Joost de Valk, WordPress Plugin Expert. The CYC plugin allows your registered backend users see your branding and design on the login and profile pages. It will apply your theme to the following: registration, login, logout, lost password and profile pages. This only happens for users […]

SEO Plugins: All in One SEO

The All in One SEO plugin for WordPress makes optimizing your site’s Title and Meta tags simple. This popular plugin gets thousands of downloads per day. Search engines and best practices expect certain things of our Title tags and Meta description tags.