Rae Hoffman conceived the plugin which was created by Joost de Valk, WordPress Plugin Expert.

The CYC plugin allows your registered backend users see your branding and design on the login and profile pages. It will apply your theme to the following: registration, login, logout, lost password and profile pages. This only happens for users who are do not have editing capabilities ie. Subscribers- just for those folks who login to comment. Users who are admins, editors, etc. are not affected and will still see the usual WordPress login and admin pages. The CYC plugin will automatically direct Subscribers who login to their profile page.

Installation was a snap, unzip and upload the plugins folder to your wp-content/plugins directory. Then activate it and you're ready to begin using it.

Some customization may be needed to work with your theme, this varies according to the theme you're using. You'll want to be familiar with html, css, and be able to recognize a bit of php in order to tackle this. There is an admin settings page to make the needed changes. This plugin is all set to work with the Thesis theme.

Using CYC with Semiologic Pro:

I've tested it and there are still some things to work out. I was able to install and activate the plugin without error. Some customization tweaks are needed to make it play well together. Some notes on my findings:

  • My Semiologic Pro skin and it's customizations to style were shown, however the header graphic and footer area were missing.
  • The sidebars were a bit out of place, with one sidebar being pushed below the content. This can be fixed with some styling tweaks.
  • Had to turn off the semiologic pro meta function, just for the profile page – it generated an error when trying to make the meta keyword tag for that page. Not a big deal, and a small bit of code got rid of the error. However, I'm not crazy about mucking about in the Semiologic plugin files. There may be an easier way to do it – but I haven't had a chance to play with it.

So, if you're using Semiologic Pro and want this functionality – you've got some work ahead of you. With other themes that are less involved, you'll probably be just fine. All in all, Customize Your Community is a really useful plugin for extending your brand.Customize Your Community (CYC) WordPress Plugin