WordPress Hosting

Hosting is where your site is maintained on a web server, so when a customer types in your domain or clicks a link in a search engine, they get your site. Don't have hosting for your site?

  • Hosting = Your site needs a place to “live” online.
  • Domain Registration = your site's address on the web

Here's several choices for hosting that can do the job. Your hosting needs will change as your site grows, but that's a great problem to have.

Our latest pick for top hosting services. They are solid and offer a variety of different service types ranging from shared hosting to virtual private servers to full dedicated servers.

Host Gator

A solid provider – with a wide variety of packages. We've got clients who use them and it's good. Support is friendly.

Minimum Requirements for Hosting a WordPress Site

  • Choose Linux or Unix based hosting
  • PHP (7 is the latest version)
  • MySQL – this is your database program, needed to store your information
  • mod_rewrite: allows your urls to be search and people friendly
  • Plenty of space for images, videos and such