Is there a plugin to automatically add little file type icons to my posts?

Yes, you can use the File Icons plugin. This is a nice little plugin that adds icons next to your file download links in your posts and pages. You can assign specific file icons to specific file types and it comes with over 700 icons!

It works with many themes but if you might need to make a small adjustment to the css style settings make it work for you. Don't worry, you won't have to muck around in the css files, it's all handled by the plugin's admin.

Here's how to use this plugin with the Semiologic/Semiologic Pro and Revolution themes. (This will apply to other themes as well that use something other than #content as the main container for the content of the posts and pages.)

After you've downloaded the plugin, unzip the folder and upload the file-icons folder to your wp-content/plugins folder on your server. Then go to Plugins and activate the plugin.

Now you'll want to check on the styling that will apply the file icons to your links within your posts and pages. Go to Design > File-Icons

Depending on your theme and your use of the plugin you'll want to adjust the setting to specify the css classes and ID's these icons should be applied to. If you want to apply it sitewide, you can leave that blank, but I'd recommend applying it only to your main content area to avoid unintentional weirdness.

  • If you have a Semiologic themed site, you'll want to use #main
  • For a Revolution site, you'll want to use: #wrap or #content (#wrap will get all the content areas, #content will get only the main content area on pages/posts but not sidebars or other areas.)

Enjoy your great looking file icons!