So by now you’ve gotten you domain and your hosting account and you’ve updated your name servers. Great work!

Now you’re ready to get WordPress installed.

To do this, we’re going to use the quick install in your hosting control panel. This makes it super simple, you fill out a form and click a button.

So login to your cPanel for your hosting account. You’ll probably want to bookmark this, since you’ll probably need again sometime in the future. You can bookmark it in your browser, drag a shortcut to your desktop, save it in your password manager like 1password – however you keep track of these things is fine.

Once you’re logged in to your cPanel look for the Fantastico link. Some hosts have different methods to do this but this is one of the fairly prevalent:

After you click on the Fantastico link, you’ll choose WordPress which will show you a form to fill out to complete the WordPress installation.

Some hosts may use Softaculous, which works very similarly to the above.

You can also install WordPress from scratch, if you’re comfortable doing so – it takes a few extra steps, but is still a very quick process. More on that here:

Make note of the username and password you choose here, it’s how you’ll login to your site later. You’ll also want to bookmark the login page for your WordPress site. (You did choose a good password and username, like we talked about?)

That’s it, WordPress is installed and ready for you to begin filling things in and making changes to the theme and such to make it your own.

Now’s when the fun starts, ready?