WordPress Coaching

Sometimes it's easier to have someone walk you through how to do something. Having someone to talk to and explain how it works. A guide, someone who has been there, done that. I do that for WordPress and websites.

If you're a site owner and you have a business website that's managed by WordPress, you've probably run into questions on how to best do something – like adding a page to a menu or adding pictures to your site. Or maybe it's about implementing social media on your site. Or handling SEO. The questions are as varied as the sites and businesses they represent.

I'm Lisa Brown and I've been developing websites for over 23 years. Today, WordPress is today's tool of choice and I can help you take the frustration out of managing your site by explaining in non-technical terms what you need to know.

WordPress Coaching is available in one hour sessions. When you schedule your appointment, you'll also send a list of your questions and concerns, the things you'd like to cover, the things you need help with.

What kind of topics can we go over?

  • How to add posts and pages to your site.
  • How to add items to your navigation.
  • WordPress SEO and Performance, speeding your site up.
  • Working with Widgets. (what are they, where are they, how do you use them?)
  • How do I change the sidebars on my site?
  • Plugins, themes and customization.
  • Changing the text styling on my pages.
  • How to add categories.
  • How can I change my background color?
  • Add a newsletter with aweber or other service.
  • Add a customized form to my site.
  • Anything you want to accomplish on your site, but you're not sure how.

Then when we meet, via phone or Skype, we'll go over everything, walking you through where to click and how to – answering your questions as we go through your custom session – nothing canned here.

When we're done, I'll send you a summary including links to resources and references on everything we covered.

Custom Coaching, Personalized for You

I've never been a fan of one size fits all answers – there's just too much “it depends” when it comes to your business and your website. I believe your site is unique, and the answers to your questions should fit your situation, not what some guru who hasn't met you or seen your site, proclaimed.

Request a WordPress Coaching Session

Once I've got your request, we'll agree on the time and I'll send you a follow up with more information. You can also submit the form if you've got questions about coaching – let's make sure it's right for you and your site.

Hourly Coaching is Currently Closed

I've found that most people get more out of coaching when it's more than an hour. So, while I'm working on new training to offer, I'm not taking new coaching requests.  Stay tuned for more on our live trainings on using WordPress.