I decided to put up an official page for WordPress Coaching services here on WordPress Angel. It's something I've done for a while, just not formally. Over the last few months, after I've done a fair amount of coaching so I thought I'd make it official.

Here's some of the types of questions I've covered recently:

  • How to update the Featured Image on page or post.
  • How to change the font size in the content on a Thesis site.
  • Using the blogroll but only show it on the home page.
  • Changing the number of comments shown in the Dashboard
  • How to edit menus
  • How to change backgrounds or headers or logos

I also fielded questions on moving sites to new servers, backing up sites, converting sites into WordPress and so many others. So I'm offering one hour sessions – where you can get one on one hand holding with your questions about your site. It's personalized and specific to your situation.

I love being able to help this way – there's nothing better than to see someone get more out of their site, or be able to grow.